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Sunday non-Sermon: A fine “Wine”

I’ve linked to videos of this song before, but this is a new animation of Tim Minchin‘s modern atheist holiday classic, “White Wine In The Sun”  (via PZ)The animation is a bit overly literal for my taste — reminiscent of the early ’80s music videos where e very scene was a direct illustration of the lyrics — but it’s still powerfully moving.

Of course, almost any video would be moving when it’s accompanying Minchin’s wonderful song, which still gets me choked up at the family scene near the end where he sings, “wherever you go, whatever you face, these are the people who’ll make you feel safe in this world.”

And while last year the song served as a poignant reminder of what I was missing (new job, no vacation time put away, couldn’t get back home for holidays), this year it’s a joyous anticipation of my own journey home (albeit for hot chocolate in the snow rather than wine in the sun). Happy holidays, everyone!

Sunday Sermon: Minchin on the Mic

No time for a Sermon today — getting ready for a job interview(!) tomorrow — so I’ll turn over the mike to the always awesome Tim Minchin, and his thoughtful and nuanced response to the Catholic Church’s recent troubles. WARNING: NSFW language (I could have just said “WARNING: Tim Minchin”).

Sunday Sermon: Minchin movie

Tim Minchin’s “Storm” is exactly the kind of “fun rant” my little Sunday Sermons aspire to be — bitingly irreverent, wickedly funny, and still making a valid and important point.

The 9-minute “beat poem” skewering not just religion but “spiritual” New Age hippies is a favorite of Minchin fans, especially the atheist/skeptic types. And now there’s a “movie” coming out, if you consider a full-on animated video of the song itself to count as a “movie.”

I’m not sure I do, but it’s nice to see someone giving the song some attention, although I’m not sure the treatment will be all that much better than the lyrical animation below.

Sunday Sermon: The true meaning of Christmas

Short sermon today: Watch the video.

Here endeth the lesson.