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Sunday Sermon: I think they’re hiding

rapturePssst … are they gone yet? The Rapture was apparently scheduled for earlier this week, and apparently nobody got zapped up to heaven, but the failed prediction got me thinking (often a bad idea), which led me to Big Idea No. 1:

What if Christians decided to stage their own fake Rapture, just to get people thinking? A school in California recently staged the deaths of several students (with those students’ cooperation, but without any others’ knowledge), arranging for the kids to stay home and then announcing to the students in school that the absent kids had been killed in drunk-driving accidents.

The incident backfired, but maybe the Rapture Ready folks don’t know that (or don’t care). They could put out the word that on a given day, Christians should just take a detour on the way to work or school or the supermarket and head to pre-arranged hiding spots for a few days, just to get people thinking the Rapture had really happened, and ponder their own existence and all that.

And that idea led to Big Idea No. 2, inspired by Douglas Adams’ tale of the planet of Golgafrincham in the “Hitchhikers Guide” books, where a spaceship full of middle managers, marketing consultants and other useless wastes of oxygen are blasted off in a spaceship, after being fooled into thinking everyone else will be right behind (trust me, it’s funner in Adams’ telling).

Here’s the idea: What if, instead of the fake rapture being organized by Christians, it was organized by atheists? And what if we just “forgot” to tell the Christians when it was time to come out again?

(cartoon via Atheist Nexus)