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Sunday semi-sermon: Arguing with a theist

Appropriately enough, my “Arguing with theists” post has evolved into an argument in the comments. A fairly boring one, I’m afraid (Kalam cosmological argument, some flip-flopping on the merits of “materialistic” science, the usual stuff). I’m not posting this to invite people to join in (you’re welcome to, though to be honest I’d prefer if you didn’t, just to avoid confusion and overload), but because it’s one of the more interesting things that’s happened to me lately.

The other is that I finally got a job (woot!), so I’ve been pretty¬† busy with that, and tying up loose ends while I still have some free time. I’m not sure what will happen to this blog (or my main blog) after I’m working full-time (and maybe more — I also have a part-time gig lined up), but I guess it’ll be an adventure (that’s what my wife and I always say to each other when we’re about to try something that could be a total epic disaster).

(cartoon via Atheist Eve)