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Tuesday Semi-Sermon: Don’t start, believers

OK, so I’m watching “Glee” and the storyline is that Kurt (the fierce gay one) is in crisis because his dad’s in a coma after a heart attack, and it turns out Kurt’s an atheist, and not wavering from his views, even being disdainful of well-meaning efforts by his theist friends to pray for his dad, etc.

And then there’s a touching scene where Mercedes (the sassy black one) says to him, “I know you’re going through a really scary time right now, and I know you’re not really religious or spiritual, but I want you to know that I’m still behind you and I care about you even though you don’t share my beliefs.

Oh, except that’s TOTALLY NOT WHAT SHE SAID! Instead she said, “but I think you’re missing out on a lot” or words to that effect, and then invited him to attend church with her. Since when is it appropriate to take advantage of someone’s vulnerability to proselytize for your religion? Sure, that might not be her intention, but that’s what she’s doing. At the very least, it’s horribly insensitive.

“Glee” had a really great opportunity to make a statement about atheism being, at the very least, a valid part of the rich and diverse tapestry of humanity. Instead they treated atheism as a problem to be dealt with, or a phase to be outgrown or moved on from.

Postscript: I’m now watching the end of the episode, and Kurt still doesn’t believe in God, and he still gets to make a touching and sympathetic speech. So I guess there’s still some hope.

(pic via Homorazzi)