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Sunday Sermon: The discovery of lying

Still really busy with studying for tech certifications (closing in on the last MCSA module, now I just need to schedule the exams), so I’m afraid I just haven’t been thinking much about the whole atheism thing (I’m neglecting my main blog as well). But I’ve been sitting on this nice video of Ricky Gervais describing his childhood discovery that his mum was being a bit cagey about the whole Jesus thing. So I’ll turn the mic over to Brother Gervais for today’s sermon.

Saturday Sermon: Burn ’em, Bo!

I only know Bo Burnham from one Comedy Central special, but I’ve seen the nerdy singer/rapper/comic as something of a kindred spirit (except I’m pretty sure he’s gay, and pretty sure I’m not). But this clip that’s apparently from an hour-long special airing tonight (also on Comedy Central)  puts a hurt on religion that’s just a joy to watch.

Rule #1, illustrated

I had to watch this “Don’t Be A Dick” video as soon as I saw the title, which echoes my Rule #1. Funny (and true, IMO), whether or not you agree with the motivation behind the being-nice-to-believers behavior. Honey is nicer than vinegar, even if you’re not trying to catch flies. (via Reddit)

Easter Sunday Sermon: The Jesus Izzard

Things are hectic here, so I’ll turn over the mic to Eddie Izzard (if you like Tim Minchin but wish he’d wear more makeup, Eddie’s your guy). Personally, I think Eddie’s bit is even funnier than a similar rant from the late Bill Hicks.

Sunday Sermon: Before Tim, there was him

I’m in too good a mood for a proper Sunday Sermon — healthcare reform is being passed (nice to see the Dems able to get something actually done), and we had a swinging party last night that was a lot of fun. But this might provide a little bit of religion-bashing fun for people (like me) who enjoy that sort of thing:

Before there was Tim Minchin, there was Tom Lehrer — not exactly an advocate for atheism or freethinking, but more than willing to take potshots at sacred cows (including religious ones) of the day. It turns out there’s a DVD of Lehrer’s performances being issued, so now there are lots of YouTube videos showing him actually performing, rather than just still photos with a song playing in the background (which was the case until very recently).

Last week I posted a link to a church that was trying for “a sympathetic approach to contemporary culture,” but churches have been trying to do that for quite a while. “The Vatican Rag” was Lehrer’s response to some changes initiated in the ’60s by Vatican II — specifically the inclusion of more diverse music in services.

Sunday Sermon: Teaching the “Controversy”

I’m kind of busy right now, so no time for a proper Sunday Sermon. But the funny video above provides a nice illustration of what’s really going on when the forces of religious oppression try to hide behind the mask of tolerance or skepticism or open-mindedness.

Sunday Sermon: Minchin movie

Tim Minchin’s “Storm” is exactly the kind of “fun rant” my little Sunday Sermons aspire to be — bitingly irreverent, wickedly funny, and still making a valid and important point.

The 9-minute “beat poem” skewering not just religion but “spiritual” New Age hippies is a favorite of Minchin fans, especially the atheist/skeptic types. And now there’s a “movie” coming out, if you consider a full-on animated video of the song itself to count as a “movie.”

I’m not sure I do, but it’s nice to see someone giving the song some attention, although I’m not sure the treatment will be all that much better than the lyrical animation below.