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Easier said than done

moonhoaxDennett on the “I’m an atheist, but …” crowd

Philosopher and “New Atheist” Daniel Dennett basically says we shouldn’t be overly solicitious of beliefs we consider silly, and that people need to be helped to get over their religious notions, rather than being coddled for refusing to let them go.

Nothing really new in that, but note the Guardian’s correction at the end, and how it undermines Dennett’s goal of calling a spade a spade without fear of causing offense:

• This article was amended on Thursday 16 July 2009. Moon-landing sceptics were referred to as “loonies”, contrary to the Guardian style guide. This has been corrected.

Looks like atheist accommodationists aren’t the only ones who show an extreme, perhaps excessive, regard for others’ beliefs.

(moon landing pic via Master Jerome Entertainments)