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Sunday Sermon: Fish in a barrel

I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear that the pope won’t be “intimidated” by setbacks to the Catholic Church such as the sex abuse scandal in Wisconsin (which the then-Cardinal Ratzinger was apparently informed about while it was happening).

Nice to see he’s got his priorities straight: church first, everything else second. I wonder if that attitude is the reason some preachers stay in their jobs when they no longer believe.

I’m sure I could go off on a rip-roaring rant about the evils of what’s been going on lately (and not so lately) with the Catholic Church, but somehow it seems almost unsporting — like shooting fish in a barrel. Or piling on in a giant crowd of people shooting fish in a barrel. Sometimes it’s better to just point to something and let it speak for itself.

(pic via DawkinsNet)

Sunday Sermon: Muslim “miracle” mystery

muslim_miracle_babySo, apparently a Muslim baby “miraculously” is displaying red marks on his flesh with Koran verses on them. There’s a  discussion of the “miracle” on an online Catholic forum. Interesting how selective some people’s acceptance of miraculous apparitions can be.

Eventually some Muslims show up and the whole thread devolves into a “My God is better than your God” argument, but there are some curious comments earlier up:

“Pure nonsense! Just another hoax to keep Muslims mesmerized by Islam!” Yeah, it’s not like Catholics have divine apparitions every few years (or every few days if you count food products and building reflections) to keep their faith going.

And someone else seems a bit confused at the idea that a loving God would cause a skin rash, rather than something friendly like actual bleeding:

“Why would Allah let a baby suffer (they say it hurts him and he cries, with a high temperature) to bring conversion/reassurance to others? Wouldn’t it be better to do it with somebody’s permission once they’re older, etc?

Very interesting though. I am not sure if the stigmata hurt, but that’s the only comparable thing(that I can think of) in Christianity. But then even if it does hurt (which I don’t think it does) then it happens to a deeply prayerful adult, not a clueless child.”

I don’t recall any stigmatic (someone whose hands and/or feet bleed in imitation of Jesus’ wounds) who said anything about God asking permission before afflicting them.

It’s amazing how clueless people can be about the silliness and absurdity of their own religion, even when they see for themselves how silly and absurd (and downright harmful) religion can be.