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Beer summits: Not just for race relations anymore


Sneak baptism So, a atheist with a new baby gets a visit from his Christian father-in-law, and walks in to the kitchen to find him performing a “sneak baptism” on the kid.

The guy turns to Reddit for advice, and is told to make sure Pops understands that it’s not cool to be doing that. The interesting part? It seems to have a happy ending:

“I just laid the law down per this post and we cracked open a couple of beers. Honestly he is a really good, tolerant, intelligent person, I just don’t know what he was thinking (and he admitted that he didn’t either).”

I guess Obama’s not the only one who understands the power of beer! And atheists aren’t the only ones who understand the power of trying to be polite (especially after you’re busted).

(pic via Planet Weissman)