Breeding contempt

So, the Intertubes have been all abuzz lately about the Pew study showing atheists are msot knowledgeable about religion (you can take the quiz here).

Some have suggested possible contamination because atheists are more educated, or more intelligent, and of course people who want to argue against something often know a lot about it because they’re looking for stuff to criticize (then again, creationists tend to be woefully ignorant of evolution and evolutionary theory).

But I suspect that looking deeply into any religion (to the point where you can discuss doctrines without merely parroting them) probably tends to point to the conclusion that the religion has some problems. In other words, of course we know a lot about religion — that’s why we’re atheists!

(cartoon via FanPop)

One response to this post.

  1. Holy FSM, I scored a B+ on that quiz.

    I blame Google. I keep having to look stuff up to trying figure out what the hubbub is.


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