Walking the walk

I’m trying to avoid letting this become just a link blog, but my new job (yay!) is cutting into my online time because of their no-surfing policy (boo!). And sometimes,  somebody either says something really awesome, or does something really awesome, or both, as is the case here.

Dale McGowan at the awesome and excellent Parenting Beyond Belief blog is recounting the ongoing saga (well, perhaps ongoing, perhaps as resolved as it’s going to get) of his efforts to handle what appears to be a creationist science teacher at his son’s school. I can’t strongly enough urge you to read the entire saga, starting with the first post and continuing via the links at the bottom.

It’s easy to talk about how to push back against religious nuts while still being polite and respectful, but Dale gives us all a textbook example of how it’s done.

(via The Panda’s Thumb; pic via Adventures in Science)

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