The bright side of Islamophobia

So, a Christian blogger (that is, a blogger who happens to be Christian) jumps into the “Ground Zero Mosque” debate (about the non-mosque that’s not at Ground Zero) and decides to take a hard look at Islam, to show that it’s the whole religion, not just the nutty extremist wing, that is rotten to the core. He ends up realizing that other religions are just as wacky … even his own.

Here’s a particularly nice passage:

My faith was challenged when I read the Koran. My faith in reading comprehension, that is. I didn’t understand a word of it. Apparently, no-one else has either, because they’ve been debating it for a thousand years. Does it sanctify killing or not? Depends on how you want to read it, or who you ask. It’s still being debated how many wings are on an angel, how many wives you can have, and what kind of food you can eat. I heard that one passage was interpreted to say, “Thou shalt not speak the number (3). (3) is the number thou shall not speak.” This translation may not be 100% true, but it’s a pretty good example of the Koran, and a good scene in a Monty Python movie……

P.S. About the title — I don’t mean to be implying that Islamophobia is a good thing, any more than unthinking hostility toward any belief (or unbelief) is a good thing. I just thought it was interesting that a Christian’s hostility toward Islam led him to a greater understanding of the foibles of his own belief system.

(via Reddit, pic — which I think I’ve used before, but it’s just so appropriate here — via Hemant)

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