Sunday non-Sermon: Turning down the stereotypes

Normally I use my Sunday posts to rant about aspects of religion I find particularly objectionable. But today I’m just in too good a mood.

Yesterday I attended a wedding and reception for one of my wife’s former students, a hardcore born-again Christian. The wedding was full of the usual excessive God-bothering you find at such affairs (including the bit from Ephesians about how wives should submit to their husbands’ leadership). But the reception … ah, the reception!

My first clue that it wouldn’t be as excruciating as the wedding was the Bob Marley being blasted at the house where the reception was held (the bride’s parents’ house — I attended her graduation party there a couple years ago). But really, my first clue perhaps should have been the “Hawaiian luau” theme announced for the party — and the wedding itself. It was fun to walk into a church wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and actually being slightly overdressed (I chickened out on wearing shorts).

So I had some inkling that this might not be the sort of uptight, painfully wholesome event I’d been fearing. But the Marley was the hint that the music for the shindig wouldn’t be the same godawful (um, so to speak) music they’d played in the church (one song was about the body of Christ being beautiful — I couldn’t help but think, “if I said Christ had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?”).

And it turned out not to be an aberration. The DJ followed up with some Motown soul, some party-friendly country (“Friends In Low Places,” “Five O’Clock Somewhere”), some hip-hop (some weird line dance that was almost as confusing to me as to the little kids trying to dance to it), and a few other staples of good times (including “Brown Eyed Girl,” possibly my favorite song to hear coming on the jukebox in a bar or party or other festive occasion).

And the people were having a good time as well. The bride and groom took a dunk in the pool, the best man (the groom’s son from an earlier marriage) gave a funny speech (the best part was “when I found out last night that I’m supposed to say something …”), and a good time was had by all. Just goes to show you, even people with seriously wacky beliefs can be cool people who can be fun to be with. Who knew?

(Luau line-dancing pic via Cleveland Line Dancing)

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  1. Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.


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