Sunday Sermon: Goin’ to the chapel

Sorry, no time for a proper Sunday Sermon — I’m off to a friend’s wedding today (the aforementioned “chapel,” which happens to be at a state-sponsored university; ponder that for a sec), and I have a job interview (!) tomorrow, so I don’t have time (or, perhaps, inclination) to work myself into a righteous frenzy right now.

But maybe a Sunday Sermon will occur to you if you read this Newsweek article about the BP spill inspiring a new bout of “end times” fear/enthusiasm among some wacky Christians.  It reminds me a little of Christians who concern-troll over the lake of fire or whatever that will await you if you die unsaved. They claim to be worried about what will happen to you, but it seems like they can’t quite keep the gloating excitement out of their voice.

(chapel pic via Panoramio)

One response to this post.

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I really am glad you did. Call me wacky but (oh, that’s right, you did, lol) I do not gloat over the soon destruction of this world and the people on it. I mourn the loss. I grieve. Not gloat. The plan as outlined in the bible I understand is hard to accept if you are not a Christian. I wasn’t a Christian either until I was in middle age, thinking exactly the same as you, that there are some wacky Christians out there and are a little TOO focused on this Jesus guy. Well, I was wrong. I’m glad my eyes were opened later rather than never. I hope the same will happen for you.


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