To Mojave and Mojave Not

So, a cross in the Mojave desert, placed in a national preserve by a veterans group, has been the subject of a legal challenge by freethinkers who think a blatantly religious symbol has no place being displayed on public property.

Now, after a court granted temporary permission for the cross to remain in place, it’s been stolen. That’s just the wrong thing to do, any way you want to look at it.

For one thing, stealing is just not nice. If it were a KKK cross intended to symbolize oppression, that would be one thing, but even its detractors aren’t claiming it’s there as an “in your face” to atheists or other non-Christians. It’s a kind (if misguided) effort to honor dead soldiers.

For another, the courts are still dealing with the case — permission was granted to display the cross until it’s settled, but it’s not like there was some final decision made.

And last but (perhaps) not least, it’s just a bad tactical move. It makes atheists look bad, and makes Christians look like oppressed victims. As Jon Stewart would say, “You’re not helping.”

One response to this post.

  1. The conclusion everyone seems to be jumping to is that it was stolen in some sort of protest to the court’s ruling. I’ve also seen speculation that it was stolen to be sold for scrap metal, which is a common problem that has nothing to do with the cross’ meaning. The timing is definitely unfortunate, though.


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