Peeking around the closet door

Dawkins makes some excellent points in his “Challenge to Atheists post, (along with a few bad ones, like suggesting Lieberman was nominated as a VP candidate in 2000 to bring Dems the Jewish vote).

But it’s definitely worth thinking about, and I’m taking a tentative step in that direction by joining “A” Week on Facebook.

I’m not exactly “closeted” per se (especially this week), but there are some situations where I avoid discussing my (ir)religious worldview. On the other hand, many of my friends are well aware that I’m an atheist, so I’m not exactly in the closet, more like hanging around near the closet door in case I need to step in for a moment.

It’s particularly tricky right now, since I’m unemployed, and while being openly atheist might possibly help me in a very few situations, it’s likely to hurt me in others.

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