I’ve already touched on the similarities between gays and atheists in terms of “coming out,” and the question of which is harder.

But I guess when someone like James Randi, who’s been an outspoken atheist for decades, waits until he’s gray-haired to come out as gay, it sort of settles the question.

Well, actually it doesn’t, of course. It just provides one more data point. But it’s certainly an interesting data point. And it makes me wonder whether I myself should come out to a greater extent than I have.

About the atheism, that is. Sexually, I’m either straight or I’m doing a fabulous job of being in denial.

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  1. Hooray for Randi, he amazes us yet again! But as bad as Gays are treated in our society, at least they’ve been able to get some protection from discrimination under the law. Religious people have almost unlimited freedom to discriminate against atheists.


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