Sunday Sermon: Before Tim, there was him

I’m in too good a mood for a proper Sunday Sermon — healthcare reform is being passed (nice to see the Dems able to get something actually done), and we had a swinging party last night that was a lot of fun. But this might provide a little bit of religion-bashing fun for people (like me) who enjoy that sort of thing:

Before there was Tim Minchin, there was Tom Lehrer — not exactly an advocate for atheism or freethinking, but more than willing to take potshots at sacred cows (including religious ones) of the day. It turns out there’s a DVD of Lehrer’s performances being issued, so now there are lots of YouTube videos showing him actually performing, rather than just still photos with a song playing in the background (which was the case until very recently).

Last week I posted a link to a church that was trying for “a sympathetic approach to contemporary culture,” but churches have been trying to do that for quite a while. “The Vatican Rag” was Lehrer’s response to some changes initiated in the ’60s by Vatican II — specifically the inclusion of more diverse music in services.

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