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Coming out

Coming out gay vs. coming out atheist:  Someone who’s done both says coming out as an atheist is harder in some ways than coming out as gay, but there are some interesting similarities, including that both groups benefit from having more people be “out.”

Does that mean there’s justification for “outing” people by revealing their status against their will? Does it mean those who are “out” are justified in criticizing those who are still “closeted”? I’m inclined to say no.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and so is everyone’s personality. Maybe there are people who could (relatively) easily uncloset themselves, and who are hurting others like them by remaining silent. But I don’t think that’s a call someone else is qualified to make.

(“Motivational” pic via Hope Lounge)

Sunday Sermon: Putting it in perspective

I take some digs at Christians in these little Sunday Sermons, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little perspective.

Christians can be ignorant, bigoted and laughably hypocritical, and they wield a scary amount of power and influence here in America and elsewhere, but they don’t generally go around trying to kill people just for blaspheming against their imaginary friend.

Sure, they’ll whine about a work of art that submerges a Jesus figurine in urine, or includes elephant dung in a depiction of the Virgin Mary, but whining is about all they do.

Muslims are a whole other ballgame, as the recent attack on cartoonist Kurt Westergaard demonstrates. However obnoxious Christians may be (and “pretty friggin’ obnoxious” is my estimate), it’s a lot worse in most places where Islam is the dominant religion. So if you live in a Christian culture, thank your lucky stars or whatever that the main threat they pose to your health is that you might bust a gut laughing at their idiocy — like Rick Warren calling it a “miracle” that parishioners coughed up money when asked (that’s called a “pledge drive,” Rick, not a miracle).

Note: The cartoons that caused all the controversy — including Westergaard’s, which is shown at right — can be seen here. I don’t think they’re especially good (even Westergaard’s), but the best way to respond to censorship attempts is to increase the profile of the thing being censored. So maybe click on the link to boost their hit counts or something.