Coming out

Coming out gay vs. coming out atheist:  Someone who’s done both says coming out as an atheist is harder in some ways than coming out as gay, but there are some interesting similarities, including that both groups benefit from having more people be “out.”

Does that mean there’s justification for “outing” people by revealing their status against their will? Does it mean those who are “out” are justified in criticizing those who are still “closeted”? I’m inclined to say no.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and so is everyone’s personality. Maybe there are people who could (relatively) easily uncloset themselves, and who are hurting others like them by remaining silent. But I don’t think that’s a call someone else is qualified to make.

(“Motivational” pic via Hope Lounge)

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  1. Posted by Brian E on January 7, 2010 at 11:19 am

    I think there are plenty of politicians that could be ‘outed’, but of course would be damning to their careers, especially if they’re Republican.


  2. Isn’t hurting someone else to help yourself wrong?

    So the closeted atheist/homosexual is hurting people by staying closeted. Generic “peoples”

    But outting them can have very serious implications to that individual. That very real individual.

    And two wrongs has never made a right.

    No doubt about it, outting people, gay or atheist, is just wrong.


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