A bum rap(ture)

Rapture, or rupture? I think somebody's sex doll just sprung a leak.

Former Christian nutjob (now just Christian) Frank Schaeffer offers an insightful (he was there) and no-holds-barred takedown of the “rapture ready” crowd with “Spaceship Jesus will Come Back and Whisk Us Away,” but goes off course when he tries for a little “plague on both your houses action” with regard to the recent surge in atheist activism:

The New Atheists have played into the evangelical/ fundamentalist’s hands. Each side fans the flames of victimhood. “An atheist can never be president!” says one side. “A Christian never gets a fair shake in the New York Times!” claims the other. Each side is led by opportunists claiming to speak for a beleaguered minority.

Hmm. That may be true, but one side is much more of a minority — and much more beleaguered — than the other.

Schaeffer also asks, “how would Dawkins’s followers use their Scarlet A pins to open their conversations if America weren’t full of evangelical/ fundamentalists?”  That’s not only a bit of a strawman (how many atheists make a point of starting conversations about atheism?), it’s also a bit  like saying Christians need non-believers because how else would they evangelize.

(cartoon via Practical Ethics)

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