Sunday Sermon: Stupid is as stupid is

ignorant_religionLots of people enjoyed the Mormon episode of “South Park” (you can watch it here), and its (highly accurate) recounting of Joseph Smith’s story about divinely engraved golden plates that only he could read. And lots of the same people enjoy ridiculing Scientology, with its tales of an alien species who colonized earth in spaceships shaped like DC-8 airplanes.

But if you really think about any religion, whether it’s the more mystical Asian versions (Hinduism, Buddhism) or the monothestic Abrahamic ones (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), the story doesn’t really make any more sense.

Hinduism says the physical world is all a “Matrix”-like illusion, only without the evil aliens keeping people in pods. But if that’s the case, how come you sometimes get surprised going down stairs in the dark when the last step is one earlier or later than you thought it would be? If it’s all in your mind, how could that happen?

The Abrahamic religions take their name from Abraham, who was so devout that he was willing to slaughter his son with a knife on a dare from God (good thing they didn’t have airplanes and boxcutters back then).

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