Sunday Sermon: Anti Christ Superstar

So, they’ve got a Bible verse about seeing Satan as lightning from the heavens, and claiming the Hebrew word for lighting is “baraq” and the word for heights (not “heavens,” but hey, it’s sort of close, right?) is “bamah,” so in Hebrew the name of the Antichrist would be “Baraq U Bamah.”

Gee, it’s good to know it’s not our current president — after all, his name is Barack Obama, and presumably an all-knowing and all-powerful God who was writing a Bible would know how to spell his name, if he were the guy.

Or maybe God is just teasing us, making the name close enough, but still different enough, that even He has plausible deniability. Or maybe it’s just His idea of a big practical joke. Maybe Regina Spektor is right — God can be hilarious.

Seriously, though, this is what I’m wondering: The Bible’s been around quite a while, and the Hebrew language has as well. If the name of the Antichrist could be figured out by applying those two things, why didn’t anyone do it before 2009?

Why didn’t they do it 100 years ago (or 200, or 800), and then keep their eyes open for someone with a name like that taking prominence on the national/international stage?

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