Etiquette Rule #4. They gotta do what they gotta do

bizarro_atheistsIt’s not just atheists who need to accommodate themselves to the world, and who sometimes need to figure out when to stop trying to accommodate.

Try to remember that atheists actually have more in common with devoutly religious people than with casually religious folk. We’ve asked Big Questions, taken them seriously, and taken the answers seriously enough to dramatically affect the way we look at reality. And the devoutly religious have the same problems atheists have in dealing with a world that assumes everyone is not like they are.

Sure, people routinely say “God bless you” when you sneeze, or offer to keep you in their prayers if you’re in trouble, or say “God willing” and “God only knows” as routine conversational staples, but most people don’t radically change their lives, or their worldview, just because they think there’s a deity or two watching over them. And people who do often find themselves just as much on the outside looking in as atheists.

(Bizarro cartoon via The Dogless Atheist)

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